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  • Salinas Rio Maior
  • Salinas Rio Maior
  • Salinas Rio Maior
We are based in some of the most beautiful and traditional places of Portugal - Salinas of Rio Maior.

Our production is next to rare salt-pans, which provides the locals and the visitors with amazing salt and history. This is also an area full of recourses like vineyards and honey and with a growing potencial.

These salt-pans are very special because the sea it is far away - 30km. So, is this possible?

This area is a part of the Natural Park of Serras d´Aire e Candeeiros - " Candeeiros is a limestone mountain region with many fissures in the rock, which enables the rain water to penetrate forming undercurrents.

One of these undercurrents goes across a very extensive and deep rock-salt mine and feeds the well in the centre of the pans. This water is seven times saltier then the sea water. Once the water is inside the pans the evaporating process takes about three to six days, depending on the heat.

The salt is grinded, or not, according to the industry it is meant for. Not taking any chemical treatment it's purity comes from the Sun and the wind and the work of the sailor."

- in http:ecosal-atlantis.ua.pt/index.php?q=content/salinas-de-rio-maior

This is a sazonal work, but you can visit the Salinas of Rio Maior the whole year.
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